• EC-Interactive

    Outsource Specialists Since 2003

  • What we do

    Development and Quality Assurance services for


    Mobile, Console, PC, Social


    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML-5


    Web & Enterprise

    Website, SaaS, CMS, Windows

  • Our Services

    We have highly experienced teams working in security orientated environments and offer the following testing and development services

    Bespoke Enterprise Software Development

    We're expert at creating from the ground up, complex cross-platform Content Management Systems (CMS) and companion user applications through to API heavy banking apps. Our clients have saved thousands outsourcing their complex projects to EC-i. Why not get in touch for a quote and find out how much we can save you?

    Games, App, Web Development

    EC-i has extensive experience creating top tier games and non-game apps for it's clients. We offer out predominately mobile and browser based development services but we are also experienced PC and games console developers. If you're looking for a development team for your project, we'd love to chat.

    Functionality & Compliance

    There is an increasing number of platforms to support, each with their own guidelines. Our expert knowledge and extensive device support ensures all bugs and issues are picked up for a successful submission first time. Our flexible way of working enables us to be a seamless extension of your team be it for your latest enterprise application or game.

    Test Plan & Script Creation

    Whether you need the creation of a master test plan from scratch or just individual test scripts to prepare your product for launch, we have the experience to help you get there... fast.


    The fragmentation of devices and operating systems; specifically on mobile makes development more complicated and expensive. EC-i is equipped with hardware for all the major platforms allowing you to focus your time on making great apps and apps.


    We love games and over 80% of our dedicated games testers have over 5 years experience in game testing. We provide detailed evaluation to help balance your game and make sure that it plays great no matter what your age or skill level.

    Localisation & Voice Over

    Reaching a global audience is easier than ever, but allowing users to find and enjoy your game or app in their native language is more important than ever. We provide high quality localisation services from native language testers that maximises your market reach. Be it translation, localisation QA or voice over acting, we offer top quality services from our Santa Monica studio.

  • Why EC-interactive?

    Established in 2003 with offices in London(UK), Santa Monica (USA), and Mumbai(India). Over 80% of our team have over 5 years experience in testing or developing games, applications and web-based technologies.

    24 Hour Coverage

    With a team of over 100, we can provide fast turnarounds without any loss of quality.

    Account Manager

    We provide customers with a dedicated account manager to ensure fast and  reliable communication.

    Competitive Pricing

    With flexible, negotiable rates, and discounts for returning customers. We offer a AAA quality service at an unbeatable price.

  • Who we work with

    We are proud to have worked on over 2000 titles for some of the leading companies across the globe

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